Fence & Warz (Blues Crew) - Bunker Action

Just Big City Blues

The Worst of Both Worlds - BLUES & JBCB Crews
Painted the wall with Flying Fortress and Zay in Hamburg. Stay tuned!

just big city blues




Trick or treat

score berlin graffiti

limited screen prints

 score screen print


score screen print


Price: 40€
Edition of 20 (20x blue & 20x green)
29,7cm x 42cm (Din A3)
300g paper

To order the screen print just send a mail to: mail@scoreone.de

Berlin "tomorrow"

score berlin graffiti

Honeymoon on the Artfloor Review

Nice time in Gießen (Germany) together with Fence and Benjamin at the "Honeymoon on the Artfloor" show. Here some flicks from the opening.


video graffiti score








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